About My Blog

This blog is created for the sole purpose of me being able to write anonymously, without fear of the knowledge that family or others read it – therefore I’m not gonna give you much info about myself, not outside of what may become public through different posts.

(First I made a blog in another site, but it wouldn’t connect half of the times, so I made the decision to make a new one – but the same – here instead and delete the first one. That’s why my first posts are not posted on the correct dates, because I re-posted them here from the original site.)

Here I want to be able to write about my deepest secret without having to censor myself. I’ll be using this site to write about whatever I feel like and want, without worrying about who reads it. The important thing for me, is that I now have a place where I can write what’s in my head – where I can voice my thoughts and maybe get more insight in things. And I will always welcome other peoples opinions and/or advice on the things I write about – that might even be what helps me solve or let go of some things.

The reason my header is focused on the fact that it’s not a weakness to cry, is because the world, along with myself, sometimes needs to be reminded of this.


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