About Me


I won’t be giving you my name or information of where I’m from, because I want to be somewhat anonymous. But I’ll tell you a little about myself…

You can call me E. If you want to call me anything at all 🙂

I’m a transman (FtM) and I’m 30 years old. I’m asexual and panromantic – I have had a lot of crushes over the years, but never actually told anyone that I like them.

I live with two cats and a lot of books. Reading is what I do most, and what I really love to do.

I’m not the most social person and I suck (really, really suck) at idle small talk, but despite this I welcome new people to talk to, chat with, get to know or just exchanging a couple of sentences with. And I’m pretty good at listening to other people, so if you need a stranger to talk about stuff with (which sometimes can be easier than talking to those close to oneself) – feel free to drop me a line.


Not everything is common knowledge

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