Stop having sex on my sofa!

Seriously? Again? In the middle of the day, with me in the room? Sure, I’m in my bed area, the shelves between us, headset on and watching stuff on my computer. But, really? Come on! Show some fucking respect! You told me yesterday that her being here wouldn’t disturb me or inflict on my day and space. You really think I’m comfortable moving around in my own apartment when you’re on the sofa bed having sex!?

Come on! I might like sitting in my little space with my computer, but that doesn’t mean I like not being able to leave the area whenever I feel like it – because I’m scared to let you know I actually can hear you!

I don’t like confrontation. Especially these kinds of confrontations! Just stop having sex in my apartment! Save that until you’re at her place! Please!

You’ve been together for a day or two. You can’t wait until the weekend to have sex? Or at least wait until you’re somewhere alone?

I’m glad I have early plans tomorrow. That’ll help me a lot in not letting her stay one more night. I need proper sleep tonight, after all.

So, how about you two stop having sex on my sofa bed and get dressed? So I actually can move around my own apartment freely?


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