Reality vs imaginary

It’s wonderful to be able to escape reality for a while. To create new worlds in my mind – no writing it down or voicing it out aloud, just in my mind. Not every world is a happy, problem-free world, but they’re still a way for me to get away from reality. The worlds let me focus on something beside life, they give me a place to not care about anything. I need this from time to time.

I love to read, have always loved to read. I read pretty much all the time, and basically everything. But books, even though they are wonderful and paints worlds with words that can take you away, are not always enough. When they’re not enough, then creating my own worlds is the perfect pastime.

Even a war-torn world can feel nicer than reality. No matter what kind of world it happens to be at the time – some times I go back to previously created worlds – it’s still an escape from the problems of reality. Even if the problems of reality is as small as a need to do the dishes, or worries about being able to pay the bills, it exist nothing better than being able to not care for a moment. The worlds in my mind gives me that ability, it gives me freedom to do whatever I want to, without a care in the world – or with other kinds of cares, that I know isn’t real and therefore can be easily solved or ignored.

It can be a great help when I’m trying to sleep too. Instead of worrying about the things I might need to do the next day, or the things I didn’t manage to do during that day, I can create a world – with or without myself in it – and follow the people in that world. It’s like a book and movie in my head, that I can change at will and/or jump forward or backward in.

It doesn’t always work, the escape to my worlds. Sometimes I’m forced back to reality before I’m ready, or reality exists beside my worlds, or I can’t really get into a world without reality putting up obstacles. But the times I do succeed in escaping, those times are invaluable for my sanity and stress levels.

Try it!

(originally posted at my old, and misbehaving, blog and was posted on April 27, 2015)


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