This is why

I’ve decided to create this blog for myself and not for anybody else. I have another blog already, but I have friends and family that know about that one, and sometimes I would like to be able to write stuff without feeling like I have to defend or explain myself to them afterwards. I would like to be able to write about my deepest secret, without having to censor myself because I don’t want my family in particular to know about it.

This the biggest reason for creating this blog. So I can write whatever I want, without worrying about if someone I know reads it. Because some things I just want to write down, without having to talk about it afterwards or without feeling like I let someone down or failed. Through this blog I can be anonymous, And if someone does realize who I am, then so be it – I’ll deal with that if the day ever comes.

I usually have one and the same username for all the different sites I’m a member on, but not for this one – it would be tough to be anonymous with a username that most of my friends and family knows that I use… It’ll probably feel weird using a different alias at first, but hopefully I’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

I can’t be sure how much I’ll actually use this site, but it feels good to have a place where I can write whatever I feel like – be it about the past, the future, my dreams or my fears. I’ll probably write about everything and nothing, and many times in the same post. I might not always make sense to you, but that’s not the important thing for me. But if a post would make you curious, you can always try to write to me and perhaps you’ll get answers to your questions.

The important thing for me, is that I have a place where I can write what’s in my head – where I can get my thoughts visible and hopefully let the thought go. And if you find your way here, maybe you even can help me let go of some things or solve other things.

I’m not the most social person and I suck (really, really suck) at idle small talk, but despite this I welcome new people to talk to, chat with, get to know or just exchanging a couple of sentences with. And I’m pretty good at listening to other people, so if you need a stranger to talk about stuff with (which sometimes can be easier than talking to those close to oneself) – feel free to drop me a line.

I might post some or most of this under About NotWeak too, but I’ve not decided about that yet.

The first “real” post might be written during the next couple of days. But they might as likely not.

(originally posted at my old, and misbehaving, blog and was posted on April 20, 2015)


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